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Home of the CoastalMister automated insect misting system

  • Authorities in the Australian state of Victoria are perplexed with the emergence of neurologic disease which has gripped
    the population of horses.

  • THE World Health Organisation (WHO) says the appearance of the mosquito-borne disease chikungunya in the Pacific is cause for concern.

  • MGK misting products are made specifically to work with professional misting systems to effectively kill mosquitoes, flies and other flying insect pests.




Installations of the CoastalMister system are performed by a member of Coastal's network of professional dealers. Already knowledgeable in responsible pest management solutions, each Coastal Dealer sends representatives to Coastal's offices to receive advanced training in mosquito biology, techniques to reduce the mosquito population and the use of the CoastalMister system in an overall integrated mosquito management program. By requiring that the design and product selection be under the direction of a licensed pest management professional, Coastal assures each homeowner that their system is individually tailored by a professional trained in mosquito control and in the proper use of insecticide and repellant products.


  • The design of each system begins with a homeowner interview and site evaluation.
  • Suggestions are made as to ways the mosquito population can be decreased, thus allowing the most efficient use of the selected insecticide or repellent.
  • The design of each system is reviewed with the homeowner and selection is made of the system and controller that best suits the needs of the job.
  • CoastalMister's master unit is usually placed near other outside equipment.
  • Tubing is run as inconspicuously as possible from the master unit to nozzles located within the designated protection area.
  • Nozzles installed under eaves and soffits deliver a mist that covers areas adjacent to the house and establishes the inside perimeter of the no fly zone.
  • Nozzles can be installed in trees and other foliage to cover areas away from the house.
  • Nozzles installed on fences create an outside perimeter for the no fly zone
  • Nozzles required along a fence line can also be installed as risers.
  • Where the design of the system requires ground level misting, stationary risers constructed of copper tubing are used.
  • The timer is set by a trained technician to run at times likely to have the most impact on the mosquito population.
  • Every CoastalMister has remote control capability to allow for indoor activation at times of increased activity.