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  • Authorities in the Australian state of Victoria are perplexed with the emergence of neurologic disease which has gripped
    the population of horses.

  • THE World Health Organisation (WHO) says the appearance of the mosquito-borne disease chikungunya in the Pacific is cause for concern.

  • MGK misting products are made specifically to work with professional misting systems to effectively kill mosquitoes, flies and other flying insect pests.

Insecticides & Repellents



Each Coastal Dealer is best qualified to design the exact layout of each CoastalMister system and to select the specific product, formulation and dosage to be used.
Pyrethrum, which is derived from the chrysanthemum flower, is the insecticide most often selected for use in the CoastalMister™ system. The professionals installing each CoastalMister system evaluate the site to be protected and the needs of the customer prior to selecting the exact product and formulation to be used. By customizing applications, each insecticide or repellent can be used in its most efficient manner possible while minimizing unnecessary applications.

Note: While many companies lead their customers to believe that their pyrethrum based misting solutions are "natural", those making these claims are either ill informed or carelessly (or purposely) misleading their customers. While pyrethrum itself is a natural plant derivative, currently there is no way to deliver its active ingredient in an insecticide format without including an active synthetic synergist-- hence it is not and should not be considered a completely natural insecticide.